Capture any text on your Mac's screen!

...also image and PDF files.

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Every feature highlighted on the website was important for me fast, on-device, and accurate. As another reviewer remarks, this is surprisingly hard to find! So far it has 100% accuracy for me extracting text from images. Definitely plan to upgrade to the Pro version.
This application is hands down the best text recognition application for any business use case. The developer is constantly improving it to further streamline the process and speed.
How does it work?Glad you asked.
1. Press Cmd+F1.
2. Select region on screen.
3. Press Cmd + V to paste to anywhere.
Less typing, more smiling.The basic functionality is free forever!
Download from mac app storemacOS Catalina (10.15+) or newer required
Does it work with other input?Yes! In addition screenshotting, you can use PDF files, image files and even your iOS device camera.Is there a trial of premium features?Yes! There is a three week trial period with no sign-up or anything required. Just install and get going.Can I export to searchable PDFs?Yes! After running text recognition on files you can export them as searchable PDFs. The input (file) can be a screenshot, photo, scan, image, PDF, etc.Are my files or screenshots sent anywhere?No! Your data is entirely yours, all text recognition is done on-device.Looks cool, but I'm running Mojave or earlier. Any luck?Sorry, no. This app is built on the latest and greatest that does not support older than Catalina.Can I change the preset keyboard shortcuts?Yes! Check preferences in the app, there's all kinds of options there.What are the supported languages?Language support depends on OS. Running on Catalina only English is officially supported. In Big Sur (fall 2020) support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese is added.I downloaded, but I have this problem... Check support site and if you don't find it please don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • High quality text recognition performed on-device securely
  • Input filetypes supported: PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • OCR page-by-page in multi-page documents
  • Grab a screen area for instant OCR and results copied to clipboard
  • Take a photo or scan documents with your iOS device, directly from the app
  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + F1 (configurable) for a screen grab
  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + F2 (configurable) for multiple screen grabs
  • Dark Mode supported


  • Batch OCR multi-page PDFs or multiple images files in a single run
  • Configure multiple screenshot up to 20 screenshots
  • Lifetime license (no monthly recurring fees)
  • 3 week trial (no signup required)
  • 14.99 EUR | 13.99 USD or country equivalent
  • Feel awesome supporting an indie Mac developer!
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